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Cyber-security means protecting the data of your company, customers, employees, and others from unauthorized access, change or destruction. This could mean anything from phishing attacks and ransomware to hackers stealing financial information or company intellectual property.

Cyber security solutions protect against all types of threats by detecting, defending and responding to attacks on your company’s infrastructure. They include things like virus scanners, firewalls and backup systems that help prevent malware attacks and other common cyber threats. Cybersecurity also includes processes, policies and procedures that help prevent unauthorized access and mitigate damage from attacks.

Besides preventing damage and disruption to your business, cyber security measures can increase productivity. These measures can include improved firewalls, antivirus software and automated backups. This reduces the time a firm must spend on recovery and restoration of its networks and devices. It also helps to train employees on how to identify phishing scams and suspicious links.

One of the best benefits of cyber security is that it can help you retain customers. Customer retention and brand loyalty take years to build, and a reputation damaged by a data breach can devastate your company. Having strong cybersecurity measures in place can help you keep the trust of your customers and investors.

Cybersecurity is important for every industry. While medical services and retail sectors have experienced the most data breaches, all businesses are vulnerable to attacks targeting their customers’ personal or financial information. Regulatory bodies have created standards to help companies comply with laws designed to protect their customers.