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Cloud Security is the process of securing data that resides in or travels through cloud systems. It includes protecting information from malicious tampering and also unintentional manipulations such as alterations made by data users and automated backup operations. Effective integrity security controls can protect the data from such unintentional alterations and restore any corrupted or lost data.

As more and more aspects of digital life run through the cloud, data security is an important consideration. Whether you have a private cloud that you own and control, or rely on the security of a public provider that handles many clients’ data, security is key.

Data Security Solutions

Choosing the right solution for your needs starts with understanding what your security requirements are. You may have a specific set of requirements based on your industry or the compliance standards you need to meet. If so, choose a solution that is compatible with your existing policies and does not force you to change your workflows. You should also consider the price of a solution and how it fits your budget.

Infrastructure-as-a-Service (IaaS) cloud services offer clients hardware and remote connectivity frameworks to house the bulk of their computing. These frameworks are managed by the service providers but clients are tasked with securing everything that gets stacked on top of them: applications, data, runtimes, middleware, and even the operating system. To ensure a secure IaaS environment, look for CIEM tools that detect vulnerabilities such as misconfigurations, malware, problematic passwords, high-risk data, and lateral movement risks.