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Phishing is a term used to describe social engineering techniques that are used by cybercriminals to trick people into handing over personal details. This can be done via email, text message or a fraudulent website.

Some phishing campaigns have been so advanced that they are difficult to spot. They may even look like a legitimate message from your friends, colleagues or boss!

Too Good To Be True – These scams will often claim that you have won a prize or other valuable thing, like an iPhone or lottery ticket. These claims are designed to grab your attention immediately.

Clone Phishing – This is where the criminal creates an email account which mimics the official account of the target organisation. They use the same logos, typefaces and other identifying data from the original to make the email appear genuine.

Ensure that you always check the sender address before clicking any links. It is also important to update your computer’s security software and remove any harmful programs from your system if it identifies them as being dangerous.

Don’t click on any links from unverified websites, and never enter personal details into a website that asks for your login information. This can put your bank or financial institution at risk of a breach and could potentially lead to you losing your money.

Report phishing emails to the authorities and your local police. This will help to track down the criminals responsible for the scam and prevent future phishing attacks.