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The latest cyberattacks hitting the world’s OT systems and devices include ransomware that targeted Ascension, office retail company Staples and a Pittsburgh water system that uses software developed by an Israeli firm. ICS attackers are taking advantage of increasing mass exploitation of edge services and devices to access valuable information and disrupt critical processes, according to researchers.

Intelligence leaders warn that US water, power and transportation systems are likely to be targeted by Chinese hackers. The FBI has a new tool to help businesses identify the likelihood that their employees would fall for phishing and other social engineering schemes. A report reveals only 19% of MITRE ATT&CK tactics are covered by SIEMs. The cybersecurity industry needs 225,000 people to close the talent gap.

Digital security challenges for the global news media are mounting, as governments and companies chip away at encryption protections in secure messaging apps like Signal, ProtonMail and SecureDrop. These vulnerabilities combined with the threats to journalists’ mental health caused by social media platforms’ use of data and information from hostile countries or authoritarian regimes are creating a dangerous environment for the press. Collaboration among policymakers, platforms, researchers and domestic and international civil society groups will be necessary to address these trends.