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A Botnet is a network of compromised computers, devices, or users that are infected with malware and controlled remotely by hackers. Botnets are used to execute various kinds of cyberattacks including spam, phishing, DDoS attacks etc. Hackers use this software to extort money, take over websites, and even hijack e-commerce sites to steal personal information.

The attacker controlling a botnet is called a bot herder. They can control all the devices on the network remotely from a single location. The device or computer is infected with malware that will monitor for instructions sent from the C&C server (command and control). The bots will then carry out these instructions.

Bot herders can communicate with the devices in the botnet through a number of methods, including Internet Relay Chat (IRC) servers, DNS requests, or responses to HTTP web pages. Bots can also be programmed to automatically search for new updates and commands on their own.

Computers are the most common device infected by malware that becomes part of a botnet. However, IoT devices like fitness trackers and smartwatches; home security cameras; in-vehicle infotainment systems; network routers; or even the hardware that enables Internet connections can be co-opted into these networks too. This is because most of these devices have low-security software or no security at all. Hackers can easily infect these devices with malware if users don’t install anti-virus software or update their firmware. They can then be used to gather personal information like passwords; to spy on user activity; or for larger scale attacks such as DDOS.