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About Data Breach

A data breach is a cyber attack that exposes sensitive information like financial records, social security numbers, names and addresses. The attackers can then sell or use the stolen data for illegal purposes. Some common attacks include phishing (using emails and texts to trick people into giving up sensitive information), malware that infects a computer, or hacking into systems using flaws in software code.

Some breaches have devastating consequences for victims. For example, the Ashley Madison data leak exposed the personal details of married people looking for affairs and led to extortion attempts. The data breaches of Sony Pictures and the NSA have led to lawsuits against the firms, though it’s unlikely that they will pay out compensation to all affected individuals. Breaches can also damage a firm’s reputation, leading to a drop in share prices.

Many businesses focus on digital assets when planning for a Data Breach, but physical records are often at risk too. This is because new devices and services tend to be developed with only minimal security testing. For example, the “smart home” technology of the internet of things has a lot of gaps that hackers can exploit. In addition, many organizations don’t set up robust user access controls or apply the principle of least privilege. These can result in privileged information getting accidentally revealed to malicious outsiders or internal staff. There are several technical root causes of data breaches: insider leaks, loss or theft of unencrypted portable drives and office computers, exploitation of software vulnerabilities and unintentional disclosure of data through mistakes or negligence.