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A wide array of industry sources provide the latest cybersecurity news and analysis. Forbes Tech / Security offers multiple daily cybersecurity blogs from a variety of staff writers and contributors. FOX News Cyber Security covers cyber politics, hacks and data breaches globally. INDEPENDENT’S Cyber Security covers the latest in cybersecurity breaches, attacks and trends. CNBC Tech – Cybersecurity reports on the latest breaches, cyberattacks and other cybersecurity developments. Reuters Cybersecurity Headlines report on the biggest hacks and breaches worldwide. WIRED SECURITY provides news and coverage on a range of cybersecurity topics from global cyberwarfare to the Dark Web.

Cybercriminals are focusing more on mobile platforms in 2019, with everything from mobile-first phishing to mobile jailbreaks dominating the news. Meanwhile, the internet of things is a new frontier for hackers looking to take advantage of devices and services that are connected to the internet.

Some of the most popular cybersecurity blogs offer multiple stories a day about the latest threats and attacks. The Naked Security blog from Sophos is one of the most respected and widely read cybersecurity blogs in the world, winning multiple awards over the years. It is known for tackling multiple stories from many different angles and providing in-depth coverage of all aspects of computer security.

Due to the incredibly public-facing nature of their work, journalists face unique digital security threats. These include doxing campaigns against journalists (discussed in detail in CNTI’s upcoming issue primer on journalist safety) as well as the potential for their personal information to be leaked online. The combination of collaborative training and education, cultural buy-in and organizational policies is critical to promoting a culture of security in journalism.