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Hacking has long been a topic of fascination, both for those who use their skills for good and those who use them for evil. The term itself was coined in the 1970s and became more popular with the release of two movies, Tron and WarGames, both of which featured scenes of hackers breaking into corporate systems. Many people think of hackers as a cool profession, much like being a police officer or jet pilot, and they would probably be right – but those are also very hard, dangerous jobs with enormous training requirements.

While being a hacker does not require extensive education or training, it does require a lot of problem-solving skill and a creative mindset. Hackers are often highly skilled in programming and computer science and can use these skills to dig deep into the inner workings of digital systems. They can then identify and exploit vulnerabilities, which can be used for a variety of purposes from improving security to accessing confidential information.

In general, hacking involves the following steps:

First, the hacker must identify an objective. This can be done by studying the target company’s website or other online sources. The hacker may also use software tools to scan the target network for weaknesses or vulnerabilities. Those who lack the technical skills to create their own hacks can use scripts that have been posted on the internet. They are referred to as ‘script kiddies’ and they are not to be confused with advanced malicious hackers, who may study these scripts in order to create their own methods.