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A cyberattack is an exploit of a software flaw that allows the attacker to take control of a computer or network. This can lead to a variety of malicious activity including intellectual property theft, accessing credit card information, bank account numbers and passwords or stealing confidential data like medical records. Malware can also include wiper attacks that delete all data from a targeted device or a DDoS attack which floods networks with superfluous requests to obstruct their normal function.

Nation-states have the potential to cause substantial long-term damage through sophisticated cyberattacks. These can include propaganda, website defacement, espionage and disruption of critical infrastructure such as electricity grids or gas control valves. Other cyber threat actors include terrorist groups who may be less advanced in their cyberattacks but still pose a risk through terrorist attacks, industrial espionage or large-scale monetary theft.

68 leading software manufacturers voluntarily committed to CISA’s Secure by Design pledge. A new report finds that 59% of organizations experienced a supply chain attack in the past year. The Black Basta group abused remote connection tool Quick Assist in vishing attacks that led to ransomware deployment. A new threat actor uses an Android banking trojan to snoop on victims and steal their credentials, contacts and SMS messages.