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Cybersecurity is a multidisciplinary field that protects computer systems and the data they store from malicious attackers. It is a growing and changing industry, due to our increasing dependence on IT systems and the Internet. Cybersecurity professionals work in an exciting and fast-paced environment that requires them to keep up with rapidly changing technology. They need to be adaptable and curious, as they must constantly look for new ways to protect the information they are entrusted with.

A single cybersecurity breach can have a profound impact on businesses and even affect the public’s trust in an organization. It can result in financial loss, brand damage and a loss of revenue. It also exposes personal information like passwords, credit card details and other confidential material to hackers. A strong cyber security posture can help companies avoid hefty penalties from regulatory bodies and the loss of customer loyalty.

As humans move to a digital lifestyle, every aspect of business, ranging from manufacturing and healthcare to banking and finance are facilitated by networks and computers. These devices are connected to the omnipresent Internet, giving threat actors a greater incentive to find ways into computer systems for profit, extortion or purely political and social motives (known as hacktivism). On the larger scale, attacks on critical infrastructure can cause widespread disruptions in our daily lives and state-sponsored cyber threats can lead to international conflicts.

Cybersecurity is therefore an important field for everyone to understand. By empowering employees with the right knowledge, organizations can increase their security posture. This will reduce the likelihood of them being exposed to cyberattacks and allow them to proactively report any potential threats. This will also reduce the time employees spend on confirming and enquiring with IT teams, leaving them more time to focus on their tasks.