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Cyberthreat News covers the latest threats to computers, networks, systems, programs and data from unauthorized access, attack, damage or theft. This information is vital to cybersecurity professionals who must be aware of current events and emerging trends in this constantly evolving field. Cyberthreat news also includes advice on best practices to prevent and protect against unauthorized access, attacks or theft of sensitive business or personal information.

What You Need to Know:

Digital security threats to the news media impact journalism practice, sourcing and public trust in global societies. From governments seeking to chip away at encryption protections offered by secure apps like Signal, WhatsApp or ProtonMail to digital platform surveillance, the safety of journalists and their sources is a frequent concern.

In addition, a lack of digital security training in newsrooms can create chilling effects for sources and whistleblowers who fear being unintentionally exposed by journalists. This is especially evident in countries where there are few domestic news publishers with the means to provide such training.

The most popular sources of Cyberthreat News include government cybersecurity agencies, well-known cybersecurity news outlets and the websites of individual cybersecurity companies that are incident-reporting publicly. Other highly cited sources are industry experts, academic research and open-source tools and tutorials. When reporting on Cyberthreat News, it is important to tailor the content to the knowledge level and interests of your audience. For example, a technical audience may require more detailed and in-depth analysis while a business-focused audience may need to understand the impact on organizational risk management.