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Cyberthreat News focuses on the events and advice surrounding computer security topics that matter in our IP-enabled homes, offices and daily lives. These include data breaches, advances in cybersecurity technologies and the latest threats to computer networks and systems. Cybersecurity News is also about the latest and greatest tools to help people stay safe from identity theft.

What to know about cyberthreats

Terrorist groups are likely to continue leveraging cyberattacks for political gain and damage. They may even become more capable as younger generations of terrorists learn the skills and are motivated to pursue a cyber path of destruction. Corporate spies and organized crime groups also pose substantial threats as they conduct industrial espionage to steal business secrets or large-scale monetary theft.

Other significant trends in cyberthreats include phishing attacks aimed at mobile users, the rise of bots to conduct automated telemarketing and extortion campaigns and the use of machine learning in cyberattacks. In addition, we’ll see a continued emphasis on exploiting the cloud to deliver malware or to gain access to networks and systems.

Keeping up with the latest cybersecurity news and developments is crucial for information technology professionals to protect their organizations, employees, customers and clients. The articles in this section are compiled to provide industry professionals with the best and most up-to-date cybersecurity news, events and insights. The articles are well-reported and provide historical context, helping professionals devise strategies to protect their information.