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digital security

Digital security is the use of tools to protect files, internet accounts, and identities on computer platforms. It includes antivirus programs, encryption, and even smartphones that are password protected or biometrically identified. Digital security is becoming increasingly important as companies and individuals face the rising threat of cyberattacks.

Why is digital security so important? In a modern society, we rely heavily on technology to do just about everything. From working to communicating to shopping, we rely on computers and the internet. Because of this, there is a lot of information stored on these platforms that can be accessed by hackers for nefarious purposes. This could include information about your health and wellbeing, or personal information that you would not want shared publicly like your home address or phone number. Hackers can also gain access to company information that may be confidential and cause financial or reputational loss.

There are many reasons why cybersecurity and digital security are so important. A large reason is that the threats are constantly changing, which means that companies must constantly update their protections to keep up. In addition, because of the rise in remote work, it is now necessary to provide protections for devices that the company does not control.

In this way, digital security is no longer just a question of protecting the computer or network, it is about protecting the physical possessions that are connected to it. Just as you lock your car or put your heirloom jewelry in a safe, we need to do the same with our digital possessions.