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Data Breach

Data Breach is the act of exposing confidential, private, or protected information to someone not authorized to access it. This is a common event that happens in both small and large companies, as cybercriminals are hungry for every piece of data they can get their hands on to use for illegal activities.

There are many ways a data breach can occur, but they usually start with a hacker gaining access to the organization’s IT systems through an unprotected area of the network. This can be done by identifying weaknesses in the system and exploiting those weaknesses through tools such as spyware. This allows them to steal data or even control the device the victim is using.

Once inside the company’s network, attackers can use the stolen data for illegal activities like stealing identity and financial information to obtain credit cards or loans, conducting fraud and extortion, or reselling the information on the dark web. Attackers often take advantage of misconfigurations of IT systems and vulnerabilities found on employee devices. They also may take advantage of unsecured storage of data such as laptop hard drives or backup tapes.

When a data breach occurs, it is critical to determine the legal requirements for notifying victims. Most states require that businesses must notify the affected individuals and the state’s attorney general within a reasonable time of discovering the breach. They must also provide the individuals with steps they can take to protect their personal information from harm.