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Cloud Security

Cloud Security is the set of tools and practices that IT departments use to protect their data in the cloud. This can include encryption, multi-factor authentication and IAM (Identity and Access Management), as well as tools to identify vulnerabilities, detect malware and block unauthorized access. It also includes the ability to monitor, report on and respond to threats in cloud environments.

Cyberattacks against the cloud are more common than ever. As more data is moved to the cloud, it becomes a target for adversaries seeking to make money, gain status or carry out industrial espionage. These attacks often target cloud environments with misconfigurations, poor security practices and weak passwords.

Using strong passwords, encrypting data at rest and in motion and using cloud edge security protections (such as firewalls, IPSes and antimalware) can help mitigate these risks. However, encrypting the entirety of a company’s cloud infrastructure is not practical for many organizations. Instead, it is best to take a zero trust approach and only allow access to cloud services via secure connections from approved devices.

Cloud security solutions must be able to monitor, report on and react to threat activity in all cloud environments and at any time. This is done by leveraging SIEM (Security Information and Event Management) technology to collect, analyze and correlate logs, alerts and events so that you can rapidly detect, investigate and respond to threats.