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As we live more and more of our lives online, it’s important to take the proper precautions to protect your information. This is especially true in business, where data breaches can lead to lost revenue, loss of trust from customers and even potential legal troubles.

Digital security is a set of practices and tools designed to safeguard your personal information and your online identity, like password managers, parental controls and antivirus software. It also includes the knowledge to recognize phishing emails or other malicious attacks when you encounter them.

It’s a field that is constantly evolving to keep up with hackers and cybercriminals who never stop trying to outwit the experts in security. That’s why it’s crucial to have a well-trained team of digital security professionals on staff. This helps them stay ahead of the curve and implement proactive measures to prevent future threats before they occur.

In addition to technical measures, digital security also requires strong human processes and policies. The best way to ensure this is through regular training, which will not only help your employees stay aware of new risks but will also equip them with the tools to recognise and avoid them.

A Bachelor of Science Degree in Computer and Information Science with a Major in Cyber and Network Security – Cybersecurity Track can provide you with the skills you need to excel as a digital security professional. Contact a helpful admissions advisor today to learn more about how this program can help you start your career off on the right foot.