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The best AI cybersecurity solutions provide a layer of protection that identifies threats and automates security tasks. This frees up cybersecurity teams’ time to focus on more strategic initiatives and improve cyber resilience.

Cybersecurity AI solutions can help mitigate risk, prioritize and direct incident response, and identify malware attacks that would otherwise be missed by traditional signature-based anti-virus tools. They use proactive machine learning to detect malicious activity based on suspicious behavior without needing the complete code profile of a piece of malware. This type of behavior analysis is known as heuristics-based software protection.

The most trusted AI cybersecurity tools can protect businesses from phishing attacks, ransomware, and other types of data breaches by detecting unusual network traffic patterns. They can also prevent attackers from exploiting vulnerabilities in a website or app. Many of these AI tools are able to detect and block unauthorized access to a device or application, and they can alert administrators when a device has been accessed by an unidentified user.

Choosing the right AI cybersecurity solution requires careful consideration of your specific needs and budget. While most AI tools promise similar features, it’s important to look at each product’s capabilities in detail to see if they are suitable for your business. For example, Palo Alto Networks offers an all-in-one AI solution called Cortex XDR, which includes behavioral analytics and other machine learning technologies to protect against advanced threats. It can analyze and predict a variety of attack vectors, visualize them in the Threat Visualizer, and automatically respond to active threats.