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Hacking is the process of illegally gaining unauthorized access to computer systems & networks. This can be done for monetary gain, information theft, espionage & even cyberterrorism.

Hackers are known for their insatiable curiosity, which leads to them exploring & understanding complex computer systems. They also have an rebellious spirit & often exhibit a flair for creativity, which helps them come up with innovative ways to break into computer systems.

The most common types of hacks include brute force attacks, SQL injection & cross-site scripting. In addition, hackers may try to exploit social weaknesses by impersonating a victim via phone, email or even in person – this is called social engineering. This can be used to trick someone into revealing their password, for example by claiming they are from the IT department. Hackers may also scour the deep web for data that is publicly available or unprotected, including user names & passwords, exposed personal photos, phishing websites and vulnerable servers.

While some hackers use their skills for unethical purposes, others (called white hat hackers) do it for the greater good. For instance, they might test out a company’s security systems to identify any vulnerabilities before a criminal takes advantage of them. They may also report their findings to companies so that they can address them in a timely manner. Other hackers engage in hacktivism to promote a political or social cause, such as exposing the private Facebook wall of Mark Zuckerberg to demonstrate a privacy flaw.