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Cloud Security

Cloud Security is a set of technologies, controls and practices that collaborate to safeguard data and associated infrastructure and applications in the cloud. These solutions protect against external and internal cybersecurity threats while also ensuring data remains secure even in the event of a breach or system failure.

Most organizations employ a multicloud strategy to support application deployment, DevOps processes and other use cases. A common challenge is having visibility into all the access points into the cloud that malicious actors can exploit to steal sensitive information. This is particularly true for cloud-native breaches, which occur when attackers exploit errors or vulnerabilities in a cloud deployment without using malware, expand their access through weakly configured or protected interfaces to locate valuable data, and then exfiltrate that data from the service to their own storage locations.

Many organizations have multiple solutions to monitor and secure their cloud environments, including network security tools, security analytics platforms, and endpoint protection. However, these tools can be difficult to integrate and manage to provide a holistic view of their security posture in the cloud.

Look for vendors that offer a solution to validate cloud service configurations, monitor and alert on suspicious activity, provide insider threat detection and response, and support multiple standards. Some vendors also offer features such as data classification (to mark data as sensitive, regulated or public), device access control (to block unapproved devices), and encryption of both in-transit and at-rest data.