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The most valuable digital data for hackers is your personal or business information. Cybercriminals can use this information to steal money or data, or even discredit your company’s reputation. The good news is, you can take steps to protect your digital security and prevent cyber threats from affecting your business.

What is digital security?

Digital security is a multidimensional discipline that safeguards your digital assets, data and systems from unauthorized access, attacks and other risks. It includes measures like encryption and strong passwords to keep sensitive information secure. However, it also covers additional protections like antivirus programs and other tools to keep your devices safe from malware and spyware.

For example, if your business’s devices get infected with a virus it can affect everyone’s productivity. It can cause your employees to lose work time, and it may cost you extra money to replace the infected devices.

This is why businesses must prioritize digital information security. It can help you avoid costly data breaches and downtime, which can lead to financial loss and a ruined reputation. Small businesses are often the target of cyberattacks, and 60 percent of them fail within six months after a data breach.

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