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Cloud Security is the set of solutions and tools to ensure that data in the cloud stays protected from cyberattacks. It covers all aspects of data protection, including encryption of data at rest and in transit, as well as secure authentication and access controls, and identity management. In addition, it includes unified monitoring and control to help organizations manage risk across multi-cloud environments.

The interconnectedness of the internet makes cloud environments especially vulnerable to attacks that exploit misconfigurations, lack of access controls and stolen credentials. Often, these attacks are more sophisticated than traditional on-premises attacks and target multiple cloud systems at once. They may also use the ability to move between servers and databases in the cloud to locate the most valuable data and export it to another server.

Unlike on-premises networks, most cloud environments are multi-tenant, shared with other business customers of the same cloud service provider. This can make it more difficult to keep individual businesses’ data isolated from other tenants. This is why it is important to implement robust encryption and segmentation measures to keep data at rest separate from that of other customers of a cloud provider.

Because cloud services are delivered via the internet, they can be subject to interruptions, resulting in loss of data and applications. This is why it’s essential to have backups on-premises, and a strong recovery process in case of an outage in the cloud. Additionally, it’s important to protect against potential data loss due to power outages in the physical data centers where your cloud is stored.