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The world has become highly connected, but this increased connectivity also brings an increased risk of theft, fraud and abuse. Cybercriminals exploit weaknesses in online systems, networks and infrastructure, having a massive economic and social impact on governments, businesses and individuals worldwide. From phishing to data breaches, new cyberattacks emerge all the time.

Crimes that involve the Internet often cross international borders, presenting additional challenges to investigations and prosecutions. Cybercrime can range from transaction-based crimes such as money laundering and fraud, through to stalking and cyberterrorism. Criminals take advantage of the speed, convenience and anonymity offered by cyberspace. They can easily hide their identity, target specific people or locations and cover their tracks.

Cyber crime reporting platforms are essential for streamlining investigations and assisting victims. These platforms allow victims to report cyber crime via a secure website and then receive help from experts who analyze their reports, aiding them in understanding the nature of the cyber attack and helping to ensure that their complaints contribute to preventive measures.

A comprehensive cybersecurity strategy based on a defense-in-depth approach to securing systems, networks and data is vital for businesses to protect themselves from cyberattacks. This includes implementing strong authentication processes, conducting regular vulnerability testing and maintaining a robust telephony security suite. It is also important to understand how to avoid common pitfalls such as clicking on links in suspicious emails or downloading apps from unfamiliar sources. It is also important to know how to recognize a phishing email and be able to identify a zero day exploit, which occurs before a patch is available.