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Data Breach happens when sensitive personal information of your clients or employees is exposed. A company or organisation must notify the supervisory authority and affected individuals if this kind of incident occurs.

When a breach occurs, hackers may be able to use your name, address, phone number and email address to steal money from your bank account or open credit cards in your name. They can also use your PII to apply for loans and make medical insurance claims. They might even sell your information on the dark web for a price.

Usually, hackers do some research before attacking. They look for weaknesses in your company’s system, or they may buy malware that can grant them access to the network. They’ll then launch an attack, either through social engineering or by directly compromising the computer system.

Employees can cause data breaches by storing sensitive information in unsecured locations, misplacing devices with work-related data on them or granting network users excessive data access privileges. IT failures, such as temporary system outages, can also give attackers a chance to sneak into your network.

You can take some steps to protect yourself, but you’ll need to act fast. Keep track of your banking receipts. Check your credit reports for accounts or activity you don’t recognize. Change your passwords and activate multifactor authentication on any accounts that don’t have it already. Watch for suspicious emails and text messages. And if you have any workplace-issued computers, tablets or smartphones, follow your employer’s security protocols and report them lost or stolen right away.