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Digital security encompasses all best practices and solutions that safeguard data and personal information in the cyber world. From password managers to antivirus software, digital security tools are the backbone of your online identity and protection from cyber attacks.

What Kind of Information Is Considered a Threat?

Personal payment data like credit card numbers and bank account details are a goldmine for criminals looking to steal identities or wreak havoc on your financial life. Personal health data is another major target for cybercriminals as it reveals sensitive information about your doctor and hospital visits, prescription drug use, and insurance coverage. This data can also be used to submit fraudulent insurance claims.

A robust and comprehensive approach to digital security requires multiple layers of defenses. This includes advanced technical measures, rigorous governance programs, and proactive risk management. Combined, these strategies provide a strong and resilient defence against the most persistent threats. In addition, training employees on the latest risks and how to spot a phishing scam transforms them into a human firewall for your company, resulting in improved digital security and lowered risk overall.