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Cyber-security is a broad field that protects computer systems, data, information, devices and appliances from hacking or other malicious activity. It encompasses a variety of tools and techniques that include software, hardware, networks and the internet.

It is an essential field because it safeguards a business’s important files, customer data, digital assets and more against cyber attacks. This is why qualified professionals in this area are in high demand. You may find a career in this field within various industries including banks, telecommunication businesses, health care companies and investment firms.

The job requires you to be constantly assessing the risk of the company’s assets and identifying ways to improve the security measures. It also involves ensuring that the organization is compliant with industry and government regulations relating to information security.

In addition, it is necessary to develop a comprehensive cybersecurity strategy to deal with changing threats and vulnerabilities. It is not enough to simply protect the system against the known dangers – this would only result in resources being allocated ineffectively.

Another aspect of this field is to educate employees on the importance of information security. This can be done through various methods like seminars, classes and online courses. This is the best way to reduce negligence that could lead to a security breach. It also helps ensure that the employees are aware of the company’s policies and how to report incidents to management in a timely manner. This will help to keep the company safe from potential fines and legal action.