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Whether you are communicating through email, social media or text messages, shopping online for everything from groceries to new clothes, travelling by plane, train or car, accessing your medical records or financial information – or any of the numerous other things that depend on the internet and computers, cybersecurity is an important issue that affects us all. The reliance on technology has led to the collection, processing and storage of unprecedented amounts of data, much of which is sensitive. This highly personal and confidential data can be of great value to hackers, criminals and even nation states.

Cyberattacks continue to evolve and become more sophisticated. As businesses and governments shift to accommodate a remote workforce, attackers take advantage of this change and newly exposed loopholes. For example, during the pandemic, attacks targeted hospitals and critical infrastructure like power plants.

As a result, many organizations are improving their ability to identify and respond to threats. They are increasing their investment in cybersecurity solutions and investing more in training employees on best practices, security awareness, establishing clear reporting processes and creating stronger, more secure passwords. The need to invest in cybersecurity will only grow.

Michigan Tech students gain hands-on experience in cyber defense through our nationally recognized program in cybersecurity. Students have the unique opportunity to join our student cyber team, RedTeam, which competes in National Cyber League capture-the-flag (CTF) team competitions across the country and can count up to six approved credits toward their BS or MS degree.