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About Data Breach

A breach happens when sensitive information, such as passwords or personal details, is copied, viewed, stolen, altered or exposed by an unauthorized individual. It’s also known as a data leak, information leak, or data spill.

Once the data is compromised, attackers can use it to commit crimes like identity theft, financial fraud or expose sensitive information that damages individuals or organizations. A breach may occur due to human error, a cyberattack, or IT failure. Attackers can steal an employees’ work or personal device, tamper with a company’s physical devices, or hack into company systems. They may use cloud misconfigurations to gain access to data, purchase previously stolen malware that grants them access or simply break into a network using tools like search engines for Internet-connected devices.

Whether it’s hackers or internal employees, breaches are expensive and can lead to regulatory penalties for businesses. They can damage a company’s reputation and make it difficult to retain customers or recruit new ones. Research shows that consumers will stop doing business with an organization after it’s been hacked and that 85% of them will tell others about their experience.

As a result, it’s crucial to be transparent and keep consumers informed during a data breach. This will help them avoid phishing scams and stay safe online. For example, some companies will announce that updates on how they’re protecting their consumers will be posted on a dedicated website so victims can go to one place and get the latest information.