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Cyberthreats are becoming more sophisticated and frequent. They are exploiting vulnerabilities to steal information, money and disrupting critical systems. Defending against attacks is the responsibility of individuals, families, large and small businesses, SLTT and federal governments. Keeping up with the latest cybersecurity news is essential to protect sensitive data and systems from continuous threats. Cyberthreat news covers a wide range of topics, from breaches to new technologies and defense mechanisms.

NSA Veteran Retires After 34 Years

A former NSA director is retiring after 34 years with the agency. The NSA has named deputy director David Luber to succeed him.

Hospitals face a growing threat from ransomware attacks that take control of online networks and demand a payment to unlock them, severely disrupting patient care. Devin Dwyer reports.

The prolific ransomware group LockBit is back and has already extorted more than $1 million in crypto. Experts say it’s no surprise the malware has resurfaced.

NIH is stepping up efforts to protect data from hackers, but experts warn it’s difficult for organizations to fully secure their networks. The agency’s chief data scientist talks about the most important things to do now to keep your organization’s data safe from cyberattacks.

North Korean hackers hit two South Korea microchip equipment companies, stealing product designs and facility photos. Experts say it’s a sign of increasing sophistication by the country’s cyberthreat group.

A utility company says a ransomware attack exposed customer Social Security numbers and other personal data, but the pipelines and fuel delivery were unaffected.