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Digital security is the set of best practices and tools used to safeguard your personal data and online identity. These can include password managers, parental controls and antivirus software. It is important to take digital security seriously because we rely on technology for so much of our lives, from socializing to work to health care and banking. This makes us a target for hackers, who are after our sensitive information.

For example, when you open an app on your phone, it asks for access to your contacts, photos and messages, or the title of your house (for mobile mortgage applications). If you haven’t taken a few simple precautions, these could be vulnerable to hackers. Keeping your personal and professional data secure is crucial, regardless of whether you’re an employee or an entrepreneur. And protecting this data is a legal requirement, including compliance with acts like POPIA and GDPR if you’re in South Africa or the UK, or HIPAA if you’re in healthcare.

Cybersecurity is a highly lucrative field, with demand for professionals on the rise. But getting started in cybersecurity requires knowledge of the different types of digital security and their applications. This article will help you make sense of it all so you can stay safe in the digital realm.