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Cyber-security is a field that studies and protects computer systems from threats on the internet. It includes preventing hackers and other malicious actors from accessing these systems, protecting sensitive data and hardware and ensuring that an organization can recover from a cyber attack. Cyber-security also covers preventative measures such as software updates and employee training.

Every person and business benefits from advanced cybersecurity programs. At an individual level, these programs help prevent identity theft and extortion attempts, as well as the loss of personal information like family photos. They also help secure critical infrastructure like power plants and hospitals, which keeps our society functioning. At a larger level, these programs also help ensure that the financial services industry, government agencies and other large organizations can continue to operate even after a serious cyber attack.

Protects Productivity

Viruses and other malware slow down computers to the point where they can’t work at all. This can lead to a significant amount of lost productivity for an entire firm, and can cost businesses a lot of money in repairs or replacements. The best cyber security solutions will keep these threats out, allowing employees to get back to work quickly after an incident.

Maintains Customer and Employee Trust

Data breaches put customers and employees’ privacy at risk, which can damage a company’s reputation and lead to legal action. The most effective cyber security solutions will have a strong focus on privacy, with features such as firewalls, encrypted passwords and two-factor authentication. They will also include a risk assessment component that identifies potential threats and vulnerabilities, and how they can be exploited.