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A hacker attack occurs every 39 seconds on computers with Internet access, according to a new study by the University of Maryland. The phishing and password hacks that plague Americans and the non-secure logins we use give attackers more chance to breach our devices and gain control of our systems.

Journalists face unique digital security risks that make them particularly vulnerable to doxing campaigns and other online threats. CNTI’s upcoming issue primer on journalist safety highlights these issues, which can compromise the protection of confidential sources and whistleblowers and the ability to cover stories in the public interest.

Some of the top cybersecurity news sites are catching on to the need for deeper and more contextual coverage of these important topics, with some moving away from the hack of the moment and offering articles, blogs, videos and webinars that dive into the underlying technology and policy implications. Several of these publications are also part of the CNTI media consortium, and their coverage is vetted and reviewed by Mandiant experts.