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In a world where more and more aspects of daily life are digitized, Cyber-security is an important field to be aware of. This is because it encompasses all the technologies and practices that keep computer systems and electronic data safe from unauthorized access and examination.

This information may be found in everything from social media accounts and online banking to cloud storage and smart home automation technology, not to mention the copious amounts of personal data that companies keep in their databases. For many companies, keeping that information safe is critical for maintaining customer loyalty and a competitive edge in the marketplace.

A strong cybersecurity strategy must include risk assessment, policy development and implementation, employee training and disaster recovery/business continuity planning. It must also involve end-user education, including password management, 2-factor authentication and awareness of phishing scams.

Other components of a good cybersecurity strategy are establishing and enforcing security measures, such as firewalls, virus protection, data encryption and secure Wi-Fi. Businesses must also ensure that their backups are working properly and that they are regularly updating them. Finally, a strong cybersecurity program must comply with regulations set forth by the government and other agencies.

While not a requirement to get started in this career, a bachelor’s degree is typically required for entry-level roles and can help you develop the necessary skills to advance. Various certifications are also available, and they can serve as a way to demonstrate your proficiency in this career.