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Cloud Security

Cloud Security is essential for protecting data and applications that reside in your cloud environment. It is best to choose a solution that will cover the entire scope of your cloud ecosystem so that no attack vectors remain unprotected.

Encryption – The use of encryption helps to scramble data so that it cannot be read if accessed by hackers. If attackers hack into a company cloud and find unencrypted data, they can then leak it, sell it, or use it to carry out further attacks. But if an attacker accesses encrypted data, they will only find scrambled information that cannot be used unless they can get their hands on the decryption key (which should be almost impossible).

Identity & Access Management – This includes solutions such as multi-factor authentication, password management and the like that help to protect the integrity of user accounts. Also included in this category is privileged access management that ensures only approved users can access critical systems.

Malware Prevention – This involves identifying compromised accounts, detecting malware through file scanning and application whitelisting as well as using machine learning to detect anomalous behavior. Also including in this category is User Behavior Analysis that can identify malicious insider threats and prevent them from exfiltrating sensitive data.

Threat Intelligence & Monitoring – This is where solutions such as SIEM are utilized to monitor and manage cloud environments for threats and vulnerabilities. This enables a quicker and coordinated response to any threat that may occur.