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Cybersecurity involves protecting systems, programs and data from unauthorized access, theft or damage. The field includes a broad spectrum of topics including endpoint protection like computers, smartphones, and smart devices; network security; and the cloud. In an increasingly technological world, cybersecurity is essential for everyone from individuals to businesses to governments.

In the business world, cyber threats are more prevalent than ever before. Data breaches affect all types of companies, from healthcare and financial services to retail and beyond. Sensitive data can be sold to malicious criminals on the black market, and even small businesses can suffer irreparable reputational damage from a cyber attack. Cybersecurity provides a critical layer of protection for businesses, keeping their customer and investor bases safe from harmful attacks.

Formally training employees on topics regarding computer security is also an important component of cybersecurity. It raises awareness about industry best practices, organizational procedures and policies and monitoring and reporting suspicious activities.

A Career in Cybersecurity

There is a huge need for qualified cybersecurity professionals. The field offers great job flexibility and is incredibly impactful in today’s digital world. Multiple career pathways include a bachelor’s or master’s degree program, certifications, work-based experience and apprenticeships. You can find positions in all sectors of the economy, from health care to finance and from education to the military and government.