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Cyber-security is the discipline that protects networks and devices from unauthorized access or criminal use. Our lives rely on the internet more than ever before, from communication (email, apps, smartphones and tablets), entertainment (interactive video games, social media, streaming services) to shopping, banking, transportation, medicine and more. Each of these systems contain sensitive information that criminals can exploit for financial gain, identity theft or other illicit activities. Cybersecurity safeguards against these threats to ensure the confidentiality, integrity and availability of information.

Organizations must regularly assess their critical assets and their vulnerabilities to cyber attacks. Using established risk assessment frameworks, cybersecurity professionals identify weak points that can be leveraged by attackers. This includes assessing software and hardware like computers, mobile devices and servers; physical locations including data centers and offices; and networks that connect each of these assets. This step is especially important because it allows businesses to take preventative measures against potential cyberattacks.

Investing in cybersecurity reduces the risk that a data breach will compromise a company’s reputation, cause financial loss, and hinder productivity. It also helps them be good stewards of their users’ privacy, maintain business continuity and minimize operational disruption.

The global cyber threat landscape is constantly evolving as attackers try to outsmart security teams. This is why it is crucial for organizations to implement advanced cybersecurity solutions that can thwart different types of attacks, from malware to ransomware. Additionally, end-user education is a must to teach people how to properly handle sensitive information, not plug in unidentified USB drives and other best practices.