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Cloud Security

Cloud Security is an essential concern in today’s technology-dependent world. The threat of hacking, DDoS attacks and data breaches – where sensitive customer information falls into the wrong hands – are real. Cloud misconfigurations and the risk of insider threats are also serious concerns that must be addressed.

To help protect your cloud, encrypt all the data you upload, and use multi-factor authentication to ensure that only authorized personnel can access your data. Robust backup systems will ensure that your data is available in the event of a disruption. Most cloud providers regularly hire outside security companies to test their servers for weaknesses and malware — but your own company needs to keep its software updated, too.

Taking advantage of application programming interfaces (APIs) can help you gain visibility into what’s going on with your cloud infrastructure. This includes the ability to track who’s using unauthorized services on your network and where they’re downloading and sharing that data. Keeping your staff educated about safe user behavior can also go a long way toward protecting your cloud from external threats and shadow IT.

CWPP solutions like Illumio Core, for example, can help you monitor and control application interactions within your cloud environments, including the ability to detect lateral movement of data. These tools are ideal for organizations that need more advanced, targeted controls to manage their cloud environments. They can provide deep visibility into multiple policy types to address the complexities of multi-cloud and hybrid cloud deployments.