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Whether it’s protecting a large financial institution’s customer data or monitoring sensitive information stored on remote systems, organizations can rely on AI to prevent cyber attacks and protect digital assets. In fact, a recent survey by Blackberry found that 76% of businesses are earmarking AI and machine learning as top priorities within their IT budgets.

The best AI security software delivers a wide range of benefits, from proactive threat detection to automated incident response. By automatically isolating affected systems and blocking malicious activities, AI enables teams to respond quickly to threats, minimizing their potential impact. According to research from Freeform Dynamics, AI-based solutions can also detect novel and emerging threats that evade traditional signature-based security systems.

AI can continuously analyze network behavior, detecting deviations from normal patterns and identifying new threats in real time. This reduces the time required to detect attacks and strengthens an organization’s defenses, eliminating the need for manual updates. It can also be used to identify potential attack vectors, preventing data exfiltration and malware infections that can expose critical business systems.

AI can take care of routine cybersecurity tasks, freeing up human talent to focus on the most challenging issues. This can also help prevent cybersecurity fatigue, which can lead to human error and complacency. Unlike human security personnel, AI can remain vigilant 24/7, guarding against attacks in progress and analyzing suspicious activity to ensure that the highest standards of protection are maintained. This includes detecting illegal connections, unwanted communication attempts, brute force login attempts and anomalous data transfer to ensure the integrity of sensitive data.