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Cyber-security is the set of strategies and practices that prevent damage, exploitation, and loss of data or information. It includes identifying and thwarting attacks, creating plans for continuing business operations in the event of an attack or other adverse incident, and improving security going forward.

Companies and organizations transmit huge amounts of sensitive information to one another and to customers. This can include financial data, health records, private company information and more. In the past few years, hackers and malicious actors have made headlines for targeting these types of companies, often exposing this confidential information. These breaches can damage a company’s reputation and ultimately its bottom line.

Businesses can protect themselves by using strong passwords and changing them frequently, implementing effective network access control systems, and encrypting all data at rest and in transit. They can also bolster security by providing training on best practices and conducting regular vulnerability assessments.

In the consumer world, cyber security involves protecting your personal information and digital devices from threats like identity theft, data hacks, malware, ransomware and more. These threats are heightened as more and more of our “smart” devices come online, like home networks, tablets, phones, smart TVs, baby monitors, video doorbells and more. As consumers, we look for convenience and safety in these devices, but they can leave us vulnerable if not properly protected. That’s where the role of cybersecurity professionals comes in. They can help ensure our personal information and home networks are secure, so we can enjoy the convenience of these devices without putting ourselves at risk.