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Cyberthreat News is your source for the latest cybersecurity threats, vulnerabilities, and defenses. The threat landscape is constantly changing and cyberattacks are becoming more sophisticated, putting the data, assets and reputations of organizations, governments and individuals at risk. The ever-growing list of threats — malware, phishing, RATS, bots, ransomware, IoT hacking and more — has the industry on high alert.

Sophisticated hackers and nation states exploit vulnerabilities to steal information, extort money, disrupt and even destroy systems or critical infrastructure. The consequences can be a global economic crisis, loss of life, and an erosion of trust in the security of electronic information and communications.

Security leaders need a more proactive approach to addressing evolving threats. By integrating the security intelligence and response capabilities of an enterprise, it can gain insights into threats and take action before they cause damage.

Whether it’s a ransomware attack that cripples hospitals or an espionage attack on the COVID-19 vaccine supply chain, these attacks have businesses and people around the world scrambling to prevent disruptions and protect their data and reputation.

A new climate of regulatory scrutiny is pushing companies to reassess how they manage cyber governance and mitigation at the highest levels. The company behind Vans and The North Face is hit by a data breach that impacts millions of customers. HPE acquires a security vendor that helps organizations detect, monitor and respond to IoT threats. A flaw in JetBrains TeamCity lets threat actors gain privileges.