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Cyberthreat News – Staying Ahead of the Threat

Cyberthreat News is your source for the latest cybersecurity threats, vulnerabilities, and defenses. The threat landscape is constantly changing and cyberattacks are becoming more sophisticated, putting the data, assets and reputations of organizations, governments and individuals at risk. The ever-growing list of threats — malware, phishing, RATS, bots, ransomware, IoT

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Why Antivirus Is Essential to Your Cybersecurity

Antivirus is a program or an umbrella of programs whose primary function is to scan for and help eradicate computer viruses and malware, which are malicious software that can steal information or access systems. It’s an essential part of your cybersecurity, as viruses are one of the main ways cybercriminals

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How to Prevent a Data Breach

A data breach is when confidential, private, protected or sensitive information is exposed to a person who is unauthorized to see it. It can be a result of an accident or an intentional action to steal or disclose company information, usually for financial gain. It can also be a violation

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