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The FBI has dismantled a global network of hackers believed to be operating a massive ransomware campaign. The attack, dubbed Hive Ransomware by federal agents, hit more than 100 countries, disrupting operations of many satellite providers and government agencies.

Cyberthreat News

Ransomware attacks are costing victims billions of dollars each year as hackers take control of an organization’s databases and hold them hostage until a ransom is paid. The growth of cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin has helped fuel this type of malware attack, as hackers can now demand and receive payments anonymously.

A hacker exploited a vulnerability in Citrix cloud-computing software to access names and Social Security numbers, among other data. The hackers are now offering to sell the information on the dark web.

Malicious stockpiled domains are the collection of names that threat actors acquire in advance for several types of malicious activities, such as phishing attacks or malware. The free and open-source packet analyzer, Wireshark, is widely used for troubleshooting, education, software and communications protocol development and analysis.

A government program aims to help law enforcement quickly identify the hackers behind cyberattacks. The program will investigate if cybercriminals leave fingerprints in their code and develop technologies to more quickly attribute cyberattacks to specific hackers.