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Cybersecurity is a massive industry that protects computer systems from external threats. It’s an industry that needs to be constantly evolving to stay one step ahead of the latest attack strategies. It is a field that can have a high level of pressure, as attacks are always on the horizon and could potentially have a significant impact on a company’s finances, productivity or reputation. These pressures often add to the appeal of working in cybersecurity, as it is seen by many to be a fast-paced and exciting career with endless opportunities to learn and grow.

With so many people and organisations relying on computers and technology, it is inevitable that there will be an increase in cyberattacks. This has put cyber security on the agenda for consumers, governments and businesses alike. In the US, recent high-profile data breaches have catapulted cybersecurity into the spotlight and led to heightened scrutiny of how companies manage their customers’ data. As a result, there are more than 250 bills or resolutions currently being considered by state and federal lawmakers that relate to cybersecurity.

Whether from internal or external sources, attacks can cause damage that is both disruptive and costly to business operations. Personal data could be compromised and used for fraud, attacks against infrastructure could bring critical services to a halt and ransomware can wreak havoc with a company’s productivity. The good news is, with the right systems in place, cyberattacks can be thwarted before they have the chance to do much harm.