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Cybercrime involves computer-related crime and it is a growing problem. It can affect individuals, businesses and governments. It includes crimes like identity theft, ransomware, hacking and cyberstalking. Cybercrimes are also a growing problem for businesses and they can be very costly. It is estimated that cybercrime costs the global economy over $445 billion a year.

Cyber-enabled frauds are a serious threat to society, with the criminals behind them targeting all areas of business from financial services and retail to the public sector and government agencies. Cybercrime is a complex matter and it requires international cooperation to combat effectively. INL promotes American policies on cybercrime by working with other nations bilaterally and multilaterally. It works within regional and international organizations such as the G-7, Organization of American States, African Union, and the Association of Southeast Asian Nations.

The United States has multiple agencies that deal with cybercrime and they are responsible for the prevention, mitigation, detection, investigation, prosecution and adjudication of these cases. This includes federal agencies such as the FBI, Justice Department (DOJ) and the U.S Secret Service as well as state and local police, prosecutors and judges.

The most important way to avoid being a victim of a cybercrime is by keeping your computers, laptops and phones updated with the latest security software and by being smart online. For example, never click on attachments in spam emails or other messages and only give out personal information over the phone or through email if you are 100% sure it is secure. Also make sure to update all of your passwords frequently and always use a strong one.