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Cloud Security refers to the tools and technologies that help prevent unauthorized access to cloud-based data and applications. This includes security measures like firewalls, encryption, and identity management best practices that ensure only authorized users have access to sensitive cloud resources. It also encompasses security policies and procedures that limit the impact of malware, phishing attacks, ransomware, password spraying, credential stuffing, and other cyberattacks.

Whether they’re storing files in the cloud or simply accessing them remotely on 24/7 web-based connections, everyone needs a good security measure. Thankfully, companies that manage servers that store your information are constantly updating their security measures. That means you can rest easy knowing your devices and computers are protected by the same security measures as those of a large corporation.

Even with this added layer of security, some people still feel hesitant about cloud storage and use. This is mainly because they are concerned about the loss of control over their data. This fear is not unfounded, since the traditional network perimeter is disappearing as more and more data and applications move to the cloud. The challenge for security teams is to find ways to protect this data and the systems that are protecting it as they travel across and through multiple environments.

Some of the most powerful cloud security tools are those that can stop data from being intercepted while it’s in transit. This is where end-to-end encryption can be very useful. It scrambles the data into a form that can’t be read, even by someone with the right key.