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The field of Cybersecurity focuses on anticipating, reacting to and assessing cyberattacks. Its professionals protect data and information systems from cybercriminals seeking to steal confidential, valuable or proprietary information.

Cyberattacks can have devastating consequences in today’s interconnected world. Breaches can hurt an organization’s financial standing, lose customer trust and damage its reputation. They can also affect the operations of critical infrastructure sectors like energy production and transmission, water and wastewater, and healthcare.

Breaches can occur from a variety of sources ranging from hackers to employees with poor password protection or other security measures in place. A common hacking method is ransomware which involves a company receiving a demand to pay for access to a system’s sensitive information. However, cyberattacks can also target employees using malicious programs that freeze their screens or cause computers to crash, preventing them from working efficiently.

As a result, companies must invest in cybersecurity to reduce the likelihood of breaches and keep their customers and employees safe. This can include installing firewalls, encrypting information and creating secure passwords. It can also involve training employees to recognize phishing emails and other suspicious online activity.

People with a strong aptitude for problem-solving and critical thinking are often good candidates for jobs in cybersecurity. They must also be curious, competitive and willing to stay up-to-date on rapidly changing technology. In addition, a career in cybersecurity can offer the flexibility to work from home and/or travel if desired, which is ideal for those looking for a career change with the benefits of a work-life balance.