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Cyberattacks targeting hospitals are on the rise, and the threat to patient safety is real. A Pittsburgh health system was forced to shut down operations after a ransomware attack, while a US water authority was hit by a similar exploit. Countless other healthcare providers have been victims of data breaches and hacks, leaving patients in the dark about their care.

A former head of the CIA’s cyber-intelligence office says Twitter’s lapses in privacy and security are “a national security issue.” The social media giant is battling accusations that it is violating federal laws by failing to disclose information about users’ accounts and activities.

The US government is urging Outlook users to upgrade to the latest version of the email program to help mitigate a new exploit targeting the platform. The fix addresses a critical vulnerability in the Microsoft email server that could allow attackers to access a victim’s data. Apple is also pushing a fix for flaws in the kernel and WebKit, which can let threat actors gain unauthorized access to devices running iOS or macOS.