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As the world becomes increasingly digital, Cyber-security is more important than ever. It protects your computers, smartphones, and other devices from threats such as phishing scams, ransomware, and data breaches. It also protects your online identity and prevents you from losing valuable information.

Cyber security is a large field that includes many different technologies. It can be broken down into three main categories: endpoint protection, network security, and cloud security. Endpoint protection includes antivirus software, firewalls, and other tools that protect your device from malware and phishing attacks. Network security includes protocols like DNS and VPN that keep your devices connected to the Internet securely. Cloud security includes securing your data on the cloud as well as ensuring that no one else can access your private information.

Working in Cyber-security requires a unique combination of technical knowledge, problem solving skills, and creativity. This is because new threats are constantly being created and they require a proactive response to mitigate them.

It’s also important to note that cyber security isn’t just about technology, it’s about people too. Employees at a company need to be aware of what they’re doing that could put the business at risk and need to be trained in how to spot risks, such as opening links from unknown emails or accidentally downloading viruses on their phones. This requires time away from work and a budget for training.

Insurance providers can also use your cyber security measures to assess the risk of your business and determine how much you’ll pay for premiums. As a result, the more effective your cyber security is, the lower your premiums will be.