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Cyber attacks are a growing concern for businesses, with 58% of retailers saying they expect to be the target of a cyberattack in 2023. The threat is heightened as more companies rely on functioning IT systems to handle e-commerce transactions and other functions.

A hacker attack happens every 39 seconds. That’s the finding of a new Clark School study that tracked the near-constant rate of cyberattacks against computers with Internet access. It also revealed the non-secure usernames and passwords we use that give hackers more chances to succeed.

A cyberattack could have far-reaching impact, from a loss of confidence in democracy to disruptions in critical infrastructure. As such, a broader set of government agencies is needed to work seamlessly together to protect the nation from capable and unrelenting adversaries. To achieve that goal, the information domain requires government bureaucracies to shift away from duplicative efforts and stovepipes toward a common mission, real-time coordination and collaboration. This is a critical step forward, but much work remains to be done.