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From DDoS assaults that cause website outages to cybersecurity exploits that lead to a data breach, cyberattacks present an ever-growing threat to individuals and businesses around the world. The Daily Swig offers day-to-day coverage of the latest attacks, arming you with the information you need to defend yourself and your organization.

Ninety-five percent of breached records came from just three industries in 2016 – government, retail and technology. But that doesn’t mean they are more lax in their security practices than other industries – it simply means they contain more personal identifying information than other types of organizations.

The prolific Russia-affiliated LockBit cybercriminal group has started extorting money from businesses for access to their systems, and its techniques are evolving. Among other things, the group has been targeting technical administrators with impersonation campaigns to get them to reset passwords and multifactor authentication methods.

A new attack chain campaign targets Mac users with fake browser update malware. Researchers spotted the campaign delivering malware that uses the Atomic Stealer toolkit to compromise victims.

From ransomware that crippled hospitals to espionage attacks targeting COVID-19 vaccine supply chains, the healthcare industry is being hammered by sophisticated attackers. Beau Woods talks with Bugcrowd Founder Casey Ellis about the top healthcare security risks and how to mitigate them during the upcoming holiday shopping season.

A major acquisition for Cisco, a cyberattack detection company that’s known for its work in “data observability.” Plus, more cybersecurity updates: leadership turmoil at OpenAI, Ukraine’s law enforcement system gets hacked and Idaho National Laboratory sustains a data breach.