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Cyber-security focuses on protecting devices and systems from attackers. Attacks can be aimed at individuals, companies or critical infrastructure. This is a huge problem as all of our lives now involve computers and other electronic devices that are connected to the internet. This makes everyone a potential target for cyber crime. If these systems are compromised it can lead to financial loss or a disruption in services. The threat actors can be motivated by money or data theft, extortion, political/socio-political motives (hacktivism) or just vandalism. Many attacks are automated and carried out by bots that continuously scan the web for vulnerabilities, try to guess passwords, infect systems with malware, and perform other malicious activities.

Professionals in this field use multiple layers of protection to keep business software, networks and information secure from hackers. They also design applications with security in mind, preventing them from becoming targets through unauthorized access or modification. This includes creating and implementing plans for continuing operations following an attack or other detrimental event.

This is not an easy task, as attackers are constantly developing new methods to steal data and bring systems down. It’s essential that businesses take a proactive approach to addressing these risks. This starts with a strategy supported by leadership and shared with employees. This should include an inventory of computing assets, identifying regulatory or industry standards that apply and determining what consequences will be incurred if those assets are compromised. Finally, providing staff with education on industry best practices and encouraging a culture of good cyber hygiene is key to lasting behavioral change.